Hugh Jones Consulting supports the higher education sector – universities, regulatory and funding bodies, sector associations, and organisations which work with the sector – through strategic and practical consultancy support. Here are some examples:

Strategic and operational reviews of professional service provision:
Are your professional service teams effective in delivering the quality of services you need for students and staff? Hugh Jones can provide support for service directors and institutions to sharpen service provision and improve user satisfaction.

Strategic projects:
Are you reviewing a strategic opportunity? They come in different shapes and sizes, and rarely turn up when you have the time to give the opportunity the attention it deserves. Hugh Jones can bring the capacity needed to understand and help you shape your response, to take good decisions and develop a compelling business case for investment.

Strategic analysis:
Does your university have good information on its performance and that of its competitors? Hugh Jones can work with your institution to develop a clear analysis and presentation of your strategic position, using quantitative and qualitative data to support the right choices and priorities as the funding, regulatory and market conditions for universities change.

Governing body effectiveness:
Is it time for an effectiveness review of your university’s governing body? Hugh Jones can help conduct a review of the practices and performance of your governing body, in line with the CUC guidelines and best practice in the sector, and bring recommendations for positive and effective change.

External review:
Is your institution working towards an external review? Hugh Jones can help support preparations for visits and inspections by the QAA, statutory and regulatory bodies, funding councils and validating or franchising institutions.

Training and development:
How effective is your institution’s support for professional services skills development? Hugh Jones can help to strengthen your professional services teams through training packages on specific skills areas and sessions to improve team-working abilities.

Hugh Jones Consulting has a wide experience to offer and can work flexibly to suit your institution’s specific needs, either slotting into an existing team to add value and deliver on a larger scale or working independently to provide an external view of challenges and strategic development.

Not in the Higher Education sector?
Drawing on extensive leadership and management skills and knowledge in higher education, Hugh Jones Consulting can also help organisations in other sectors to confront challenges in service delivery and to achieve strategic goals.

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